1. Evaluation

    With my final design for my Personal Camouflage Brief, I set out to create a design that would show how people camouflage their personalities and aspects of their lives to protect themselves. Therefore I decided to create my Personal Camouflage around the way I camouflage my childhood as I used to never like talking about it. When creating my design I was influenced by many things. Such as; the origins of camouflage, cubism and vortiscm, Stefan Sagmiester’s work on Aizone campaign where he created a camouflage out of minimalistic shapes, Sagmiesters book ‘Made you look’, the Typeforce book, Rick Valicenti, Billy Baughman & Jason Teegarden-Downs and Steganography.  

    Overall I think I feel that I have portrayed the correct message in a interesting way that is aesthetically pleasing and interactive towards the viewer. However if I was to change a part of my design I would get some thicker red acetate or red plastic so that the red colour will be filtered more when looked through, also I would experiment with other colour schemes, and find away of making the typography less visible at first glance.

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